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Jesus and Pancakes

At St Matthew’s we do a bunch of stuff that anyone can be involved, not matter what take you have on religion and spirituality – there is the garden, toy library, playgroup etc.

But we are also pretty passionate about following Jesus – if that’s something that interests you, provokes you, intrigues you… then come along this Sunday 10am to Gully Gathering.

Gully Gathering is a down to earth and simple church service. You can expect some songs, discussion about Jesus, prayers for our world and people in need, and a kid-friendly environment.

You can also expect pancakes.


Leftover Beauty

Here’s a couple of crafty things from our Christmas Eve and Festival celebrations late last year.

We’ve left them up because they look so lovely.



Gully Gathering Church News

New time for church starting this Sunday - 10AM + Pancakes

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