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Support Refugees and Asylum Seekers

If you, like a lot of people, are disgusted and disappointed by the way asylum seekers and refugees and being treated by the government, then consider coming along to this meeting. This gathering will discuss ways that concerned Bendigonians can publicly express support for asylum seekers and refugees and call the government to a better way.

It won’t be planning direct assistance to refugees – there are bunch of organisations in Central Victoria who do this very well. But what is possibly lacking is a public and visible voice of the average Australian who wants our government’s policies to change.

Come along to plan something that will communicate our support for asylum seekers and refugees.

Date: Wednesday 26th February
Time: 7.45pm
Place: St Matthew’s, 153 Eaglehawk Rd, Long Gully
Facebook Link:

Please share this event amongst your Central Victorian networks and friends.

Call me on 0421 764 699 if you’d like to discuss this event.

Leftover Beauty

Here’s a couple of crafty things from our Christmas Eve and Festival celebrations late last year.

We’ve left them up because they look so lovely.



The “Do Something REALLY USEFUL” Working Bee

Feeling despondent about whether your vote will do anything this year? Fair enough.

We have the solution. Voting is useful, but not REALLY USEFUL.

Come to the “Do Something REALLY USEFUL” working bee at the “Hope…It Grows!” Community Garden on election day.

Plant some seeds, till some soil, pull some weeds, pick out stones, munch a snag.

Who knows, you might even feel inspired to vote!

Date: Saturday September 7th

Time: 9am-1pm

Place: the “Hope…It Grows!” Community Garden, 153 Eaglehawk Rd, Long Gully

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