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Future of Christianity

Bishop Andrew Curnow (Anglican Diocese of Bendigo) and Dave Fagg (Convenor, Seeds Bendigo) will debate the future of Christianity and the church in Australia.

The latest Census data show that Christian belief is declining in Australia, and many churches have struggled to meet this challenge. Though they come from differing church backgrounds, both Bishop Curnow and Mr Fagg are passionate about exploring new forms of Christian spirituality and community in Australia.

Bishop Curnow will speak from his experience in the institutional church, and Mr Fagg will speak from his journey in small Christian communities (Seeds Bendigo is a small Christian group in Long Gully).

Bishop Curnow said, “I suppose a key question is what place, if any, the church has in the future of Australia. Any future has to include forms of Christian life and community that go beyond what we currently have.”

Mr Fagg said, “Many Australians are disillusioned with institutional church, but not with Jesus. Churches need to be communities that more fully live out what Jesus advocates: loving our enemies, compassion, justice and truth.”

This event will be accessible to anyone concerned about spirituality, religion, faith and the church.

Event Details
Date: Monday 20th August

Time: 7.30-9pm

Place: St Matthew’s Church, 153 Eaglehawk Rd, Bendigo


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