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Gully Life

Our logo is based on a painting by Aboriginal elder, Robyn Davis, who lives locally. She has given permission for it to be used, and we thank her for it.

Here is the story of that painting:

People are drawn to the Long Gully, some are different and disconnected.

They come from near and distant places, some from over the waters.

The Bendigo creek meanders almost unseen and silent through and under the gully.

Peppercorn trees stand guard along its’ banks and give shelter to those in need.

The people gather in large and small groups. Family and community.

The gully is a place of meeting and connection, the people re-connect.

Gully life is vibrant and colourful, busy and sometimes serene.

Gully life is community.

Community born of the coming together from all parts of the world.

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  1. Brendon #

    Brilliant logo – meaning, colour and significance! Thanks Robyn for sharing this beautiful piece with “God, food people.”

    February 22, 2017

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